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Due to the closing of ten of Ohio's psychiatric hospitals, approximately 20 years ago, there was a need for structured housing for Ohio's severely mentally disabled. Residential facilities class 2 (adult care facilities) were established as private businesses or were part of a faith-based mission to serve these citizens - most have been rejected by their families. Some were inappropriately placed in nursing homes - which were not equipped to handle their mental health needs. These residential facilities provided a family-like atmosphere needed in their recovery process. We advocate for the general well-being and the enhancement of these residential facilities and promote appropriate treatment for their residents.

We are a friend. We are a helping hand. We are caring.

Our Mission

To represent the Ohio residential facilities class 2 industry. To continue to improve the quality of service and care. To provide training, technology, and advocacy for this purpose.

Staff Members

Terry Russell, Executive Director


Emy-Lynn Marhulik, Associate Director



Board of Directors

Marty Falin, President

Addie Whaley, Vice President

Fraz Betts, Member-at-large

Mark Mayle, Member-at-large

Mark Zidian, Member-at-large

Darryl Lumpkins, Member-at-large

Our Purpose

To advocate for the general well-being and the enhancement of adult care facilities; To advocate for the continuing availability of adult care facilities in all Ohio Counties; To provide training to member-operators and enhance the effectiveness of their adult care facilities; To assure appropriate treatment for Ohioans living within adult care facilities; To foster and develop public education to work toward the expansion of adult care facilities throughout Ohio, as viable providers of meaningful housing services to the severely mentally disabled; To advocate for the inclusion of adult care facility operators in the decision-making process with policy-makers, as it relates to housing for this disabled population; To advocate for the adult care facility provider to participate in decisions concerning the care and treatment of individuals residing in their homes; To promote new legislation and/or revision of existing legislation at the state level of government; To coordinate activities of the OACFA affiliates and serve as the state organization in cooperation with regional adult care facility supports groups; and To solicit, receive and expend funds to manage, hire staff & personnel for the accomplishment of the above goals.